Success Stories

Photo by Jhon David on Unsplash Christina and Gabriel

Like most of us, Christina had a full-time job that allowed her to make ends meet and take care of her son Gabe, until a car accident left her with painful back and hip injuries. She could no longer do her full-time job. She could not afford daycare with her part-time job. The pain was so bad she could not get out of bed some days. She became addicted to painkillers, then other drugs, and began neglecting Gabe. When he started missing school, Child Protective Services stepped in. Family Assistance Funds bridged the gap at that moment, until help could be arranged for the mother and son. With the help of a drug treatment program, Christina has recovered from her addiction, has a support system in place, and her son at her side.

Photo by Chris Benson on Unsplash

Kelvin is a single father who lost his job after an injury and could no longer work in the field he was in. He was about to lose his home and had no money for food for himself and his baby. He came in to the Department of Social Services desperate for help. The Family Assistance Fund was available until he could get food stamps and become eligible for financial support for Families with Dependent Children. Kelvin was able to find a new job and more stable housing. In less than a year, he was working full-time and no longer needed the agency’s support.

 Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash Sally

Sally’s mother had accumulated $1,500 in outstanding utility bills that she could not pay. The electric utility was at the point of turning off power, leaving the mother and little girl without lights and heat, and a refrigerator full of spoiled food. The Family Assistance Fund was the emergency stop gap that gave the Department of Social Services and nonprofit organizations enough time to piece together payment for the electric bill and keep the power on.