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How Can I Help

How Can I Help Families ad Youth Experiencing Emergencies

Every week in Howard County we see families in crisis. A mother and child facing eviction. A family who can’t pay the electricity bill. In the dark, literally and figuratively.

Through the Family Assistance Fund, the Social Services Foundation extends a hand to vulnerable individuals, families and children who need emergency support – at that moment – when no other help is immediately available.

There are times when children, adults and families in our midst cannot find help in a crisis. When Howard County government agencies, nonprofit or faith-based organizations are not available to assist at that moment they are needed.

The Howard County Family Assistance Fund is a financial lifeline to bridge those critical hours until nonprofit and government programs can take over. Administered by the Department of Social Services, the funds provide a one-time safety net for individuals and families in emergencies.

It Doesn’t Take Much to Extend a Hand

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Extend a Hand.

Do you have $5? $10? $25? It takes so little to save a person or family in crisis.

The Family Assistance Fund is the fund of last resort.

Please Donate via our MASSB Foundation.